Clamps was arguably the best badge in NBA 2K22
Clamps was arguably the best badge in NBA 2K22 Jan 04

Clamps was arguably the best badge in NBA 2K22

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Like Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo is regarded as the best basketball player on earth. Giannis is coming off the best NBA Finals performance of all ever and is the sole player in the NBA who is the primary and driving force for his team's defense and offense.

The only player to come in close proximity is Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. In his role as the reigning NBA winner, Giannis Antetokounmpo has earned each portion of his 96 overall his dominance will likely keep going in NBA 2K22 in the near future.

The badges are an integral component of any MyPlayer build for NBA 2K22. These items can be the difference between a poor build that struggles both offline and online play and a high-quality build that can do the job. This is the reason you shouldn't overlook this aspect of your build, particularly when looking at Defensive/Rebounding badges. If you're looking for advice on what badges to make sure the build you're building has we'll go over our choices.

Power forwards, centers and centers may consider putting this badge into their plans. The Ball Stripper badge can help the holder increase chances of forcing a turnover when trying at stripping the layup or play a dunk in front of a basket. This can be a useful tool for weaker players who want to attack the paint, as well as be extremely beneficial when making turnovers.

Point guards, but most importantly, shooting guards, small and power forwards, need to be wearing an Clamps badge. Clamps was arguably the best badge in NBA 2K21 and it's back in 2K22. Clamps improves holders' capacity to remain just in front of the ball handler on the edge.

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