The Franchise feature in Madden is the place
The Franchise feature in Madden is the place Dec 28

The Franchise feature in Madden is the place

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This Madden NFL game show has a particularly dedicated fan base. NFL fans do not have any other option in football games. This is the reason why Madden NFL 22 is still performing exceptionally despite launching mid-August, as the NFL season moves into the ninth week of its season.

Yet it's exactly that investment from Madden fans that's being stung by a particularly disastrous glitch. Two and a half weeks after Madden NFL 22's launchdate, it's possible that players will be sacked from their entire franchise.

Madden NFL 22 players have had to deal with an extremely serious bug since the game's launch. Exactly what the cause of the issue is, remains unclear. However, the end result is extremely clear. Players will try to access their football team franchise via Franchise mode, but it will not open. No matter what they do regardless of whether it's reinstalling Madden NFL 22, or making the second (or even a third) saving, it won't function. The save files of their Franchise mode teams will be corrupted and useless.

What makes this error so particularly unacceptable is the fact that The Franchise feature in Madden is the place where players can have a an uninterrupted, long-lasting football experience. Franchises may have multiple seasons in a given year, only to have their saves become corrupted in the blink of an eye. They'll lose their entire progress and have no other alternative than to start again.

Electronic Arts has acknowledged that there's an issue. There's a fix currently in the process, but there's no date for when the fix will be issued. EA Community manager Blueberry wrote a post on EA's official bug reporting forum saying EA's development staff is currently working on it.

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