I agree that the actions 2 and 3 and Clan Wars
I agree that the actions 2 and 3 and Clan Wars Dec 27

I agree that the actions 2 and 3 and Clan Wars

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I find the grave issue to be absurd. For those not familiar, it is the idea that gravestones will not be blessed because thieves will take your money. I can't believe it was true prior to 2007. You didn't have a grace period of six minutes to collect your items.

One argument is that bosses who are new need graves. Seriously? Tormented Demons, an updated boss, came out in the year 2008. As far as I can tell, even if my friend and I have a mutual blessing (he blesses me, but the latter has not yet passed away) I can always make the trip back within three minutes. The whole gravestone blessings argument doesn't apply here. Whatever the blessings on your grave, you can still make it back.

The Corpreal Beast, on the contrary, was deliberately designed to not use the mechanics of a cemetery. I'm sure Jagex noticed the error and was embarrassed by the bosses of care bears that created gravestones to avoid any chance. Now you only have 2 minutes to return to your belongings. It's not possible to leave the property before it's the public's loot.

Finally Nex. I'm yet to take on her. But, given the fact that many people believe that Jagex worked on the update for quite a while, it would be fair to suggest that Nex was designed to incorporate these features. Although a blessing may be able to help you return to your grave, it's my opinion that this should be a part of Nex's concept.
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