Medium Clues may be the more common
Medium Clues may be the more common Dec 25

Medium Clues may be the more common

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Another method of acquiring Clue Scrolls (and perhaps the fastest) is to purchase Implings, which were previously stored in a jar. When you open the containers, they can bring about the possibility of a Clue Scroll reward. So if you want to have quick access to Treasure Trail of your choice opt for this method. The drawback is that this method can be quite expensive. It is necessary to invest plenty of money if are looking to purchase adequate difficulty scrolls from Jars.

Even though clues from this tier have the lowest requirements but there are still couple of drops, that can be quite useful. First , you can take a chance to win a prize from a unique drop table , at 1/24 for every drop that you get. If you get three drops, it leaves you with a 1/8 chance of receiving a unique.

In fact, if you have the luck, you might obtain three within one casket. The value of items in this table ranges between 10 and 100k, however, there are instances of exceptions, such as the Rune Scmitar Ornament Kit (Zamorak) which could be purchased for as much as 500k gold at the Grand Exchange. Beyond unique drops there's nothing of interest in these caskets.

At this tier players will receive from 2 to 4 items. The unique drop table of this scenario has a variety of items, meaning that the loot value can also vary. There are many items that are worth only several thousand gold, but there are also truly unique drops.

The highest priced item is Cape of Skulls. Though it's got identical stats and base stats to Obsidian Cloak, it also is a distinctive look that is sought-after by a lot of players. That's why this cape costs over 20 million of gold. There are many other capes that have gold values exceeding 1 million, gold trimmed monk robes , with values of several million dollars, and many other set pieces that be priced at a few hundred thousands of gold.

Medium Clues may be the more common in the RuneScape community due to the fact that they come with amazing rewards and don't have excessive requirements. Among many items that you can find inside them the most well-known drop worth mentioning is that of the Ranger Boots. This item is priced at over 30 million gold in the Grand Exchange. Although medium clues aren't as likely to have such high-end rewards in the same way as simple scrolls however, they offer greater chance of winning Ranger Boots than Easy Casket has in Cape of Skulls.

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