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Where is the Silver City Housing Project? This is an aspect that is of interest to almost all investors, so let's start with the location of this project.
Girja Road is home to the [url=]silver city housing scheme[/url] . The project is located near all facilities in the area and
highways and routes. The Talia interchange is important in itself, but the new proposed Rawalpindi
ring road ending at this interchange makes it special. The Tarian Interchange is just 4 km
from the Silver City Islamabad Housing Project. This will make the housing union more accessible to 4,444 visitors from Lahore and will allow project residents to arrive at the airport faster. Meanwhile, the
Silver City Site will be one of the direct beneficiaries of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Silver City Housing Project is
NOC Approved
The developers and owners of the Silver City Housing Project have long been working hard to get NOC
approval. Housing Association Silver City is currently an RDA approved project. A final permit for land on Channel
over 241.14 has been granted. The developers and owners of the Silver City housing project are
Their property was more licensed. Click for more information: Silver City Islamabad
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