Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Matching Method Of Fabric Curtains
Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Matching Method Of Fabric Curtains Dec 14

Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Matching Method Of Fabric Curtains

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Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturers introduces the matching skills of fabric curtains:

1. Curtain colors are different in different areas:

Open the door, the curtains in the living room are always the most eye-catching because of the location advantages, and the layout of the living room fully demonstrates the taste and pursuit of the owner in the eyes of the guests, so pay special attention to the purchase of living room curtains. Li Zi suggested that curtains can create different atmospheres according to the personality of the owner. The combination of black and red curtains in the bedroom can alleviate insomnia. If the curtains in the living room are to speak to the guests, then the curtains in the bedroom are specially designed for the host. In a warm, romantic, and private bedroom space, curtains not only provide decoration, but also protect privacy and adjust light. Dark fabrics can be chosen for bedroom curtains, which have good shading properties and can play a role in promoting sleep. Especially black and red curtains are a good choice for insomniacs. Children's room curtains are mainly lively and vivid. The design of children's room curtains is combined with the child's nature. The curtains generally choose cute cartoon patterns, bright colors, and individual shapes to please the little owner. It is particularly worth reminding that because children are naturally active, they sometimes hide and seek with curtains, or even bite the curtains with their teeth, so when choosing curtains for your children, you must fully consider the health and environmental protection issues.

2. Color styles need to match with the sofa:

Generally speaking, in modern style decoration, the color and style of the curtains in the living room should be matched with the fabric sofa in the living room, using linen or polyester-cotton fabrics. The color adopts light tones, such as beige, beige, light gray, etc.; in the European style, the curtains are mostly brown, golden, dark coffee, etc.; and the Chinese style is mainly reddish and brown. The curtains must be matched with the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for purchasing curtains. In addition to the color tone, different curtain heads and accessories also describe different home "expressions". Different curtain heads, either graceful and luxurious, or simple and rational, or perceptually romantic, or intellectually elegant, they tell different moods invisibly.

3. The blended material is resistant to shrinkage and wrinkle:

The choice of summer curtains is very important. In sunny rooms, such as study rooms, children's rooms, bathrooms, etc., you can choose some venetian blinds and roller blinds with better heat insulation and light insulation performance, which are not only light and beautiful, but also can keep the heat out of the window. . The beautiful effect of curtains on the layout of the home environment is self-evident. When buying curtains, not only pay attention to beauty, but also take into account functions. For example, in terms of material selection, different rooms have different environments, so you need to fully consider the functionality of curtains. For kitchens, bathrooms, etc. due to humidity and oily smoke, blinds are more suitable; in addition, recreation rooms and tea rooms are also more suitable for wooden or bamboo. For curtains and balconies, use curtains of light-fast and non-fading material; for study rooms, you can choose fabrics with good light permeability, which will help relax the body and mind and think about problems.

Through the above introduction, Hotel Curtain Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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