In addition, a revamped scouting mode
In addition, a revamped scouting mode Dec 03

In addition, a revamped scouting mode

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The video starts by discussing how the franchise's new staff structure will bring to the game as it gives players the chance to oversee "everything from the front office all the way to the field." They'll be able to train and hire new staff. Additionally, their employees will have access to a talent tree that can aid them in improving their team's skills and match the players they have for a specific playstyle. Coordinators, head coaches and players will be available for hire. Managers can upgrade their staff by accruing "staff points" which are earned by accomplishing weekly goals. This can be accessed via a brand new franchise hub that comes with a lot of improvements and updates in quality-of-life.

In addition, a revamped scouting mode will be making its way to the game as post-launch content that will be added after launch, with EA declaring that it will be available through the "live-service update" in September. EA states that the improved system will allow players to find talent that isn't available through regional and national Scouts. To give the game a more realistic feel the prospects will move across the chart throughout the season in line with their performance.

EA calls weekly strategy features the basis of Madden NFL 22 Franchise Mode. This feature will give players to see statistics and make educated choices regarding how they manage their team. It also allows them to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, control levels of fatigue and evaluate their performance.

EA also reveals the enhanced season engine. This was briefly shown in Madden NFL's latest trailer. The enhanced season engine is expected to offer 50 scenarios which will simulate real NFL managers making difficult choices. Sharing an example, the firm revealed an instance where a manager is faced with the challenges of a young wide receiver. They can turn these problems into rising starsand add another star to their roster if competent enough to get over them.
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