This is the method i'm planning to implement.
This is the method i'm planning to implement. Nov 30

This is the method i'm planning to implement.

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Here's what I used to do: 5 Fruit trees (Papaya) Five Regular tree (Maple). Regular: Lumbridge, Varrock, Gnome Stronghold, Falador, Taverly. Fruit: Juju Place (Buy A Juju spirit bag and head straight to the south, there's a patches for trees), Gnome stronghold, Catherby (theres a herb patch along the way ffs), Brimhaven (Take the boat from Ardy), And The Tree Gnome Stronghold. Supercompost the regular trees and make payments for ALL trees. By paying farmers to take down the regular trees on your behalf can also help save time.

There are many topics about this topic, but what is the best way to help me? I was thinking of bursting all melee brothers, so I don't have to deal with pray for them, and also melee ahrim/karil. It seems like a good idea?

I'd recommend getting the 82 mage to play Blitz and Karil's xbow Ahrim. The construction should be 50+ and an house with a home altar + canafis portal could be beneficial as well. I play with this set-up... I have 94 mage. 70 def, 64 prayers, 50 cons.

I use prayer pots only when required (tunnels only, you shouldn't need them for Karil/dh because they're not needed, and Ah is easily tanked). Take monks whenever needed. I prefer Barrage (you could also use the blitz) Then I side-step using the Sally methods for every brother except Ahrim. Blitz freezes for 4-atts (sally/mage) while barrage freezes for 6 (sally/mage). After Ahrim, I generally start to have a shortage of prayer points, so I straight and tank it to Verac, Torag and Guthan (Right before the brother is not frozen, I'll quickly switch to Guthan's pl8 as well as the V skirt).

You can effortlessly get through Barrows with less. What I use is because I have it. If you want me to assist you in a specific way with Barrows tubs, I'll stay online for little bit.

Ok guys so at the moment I'm on 80 magic and trying to work in advance for the 99. I've devised a few different calculations to do with costs for different spells below. What I want to know is if the strategy I'm considering is worth doing or should I stay with the traditional alching!

This is the method i'm planning to implement. What I'm trying to find out is are the effects of plank that make it very difficult (as in a lot clicks?) If so would I be better off sticking with high-alchemy until 99 (Method 3)? Ok I don't know much about this method as I've never attempted it. I'm curious about when you click to do the spell, does it instantly make every clay (if I use clay) soft? Or do I have to click each clay one by one?

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This is the method i'm planning to implement. no ha publicado nada aún