The Thrall's training and upbringing.
The Thrall's training and upbringing. Nov 25

The Thrall's training and upbringing.

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His record of performance is abysmal. Many of the fights he was involved in were either lost or not won effectively. Thrall is said to have been a bit hesitant in the duel they had at WotLK. The Mag'gora battle, there was a fight with Cairne and was holding the poisoned axe. Varian kicked his shins.

Seriously, I think the only notable person that he defeated in a fair fight was Taran Zhu. Moreover, the fight was very close.

The final fight he had with Thrall was not lost. I'll admit he was losing his second fight with Varian and his duel against Cairne. The first was interrupted, and the second was his only fight he won unfairly.

The fight was three times and were stopped by the third time. Varian takes the victory in Wolfheart because he has unlimitable endurance and is blessed with Lo'Gash. If they face off again in the war of War They are more even.

He was a Mary Sue from the beginning. He was a superior fighter than Orgrim Doomhammer, and was an expert in the spiritual arts.

Garrosh did not participate in Cataclysms battles, he was the leader of the invasion into the Twilight Highlands and beat a dragon to death as he did it. When the speculations began to surface in MoP, I was certain that Garrosh was an impostor who was created by the twilight Hammer while he was MIA.

I have always found it annoying to see that people forget that Thrall was an athletic prodigy right from the start. Yet, I am a fan of his shaman-like blustering. His behavior hasn't been in line with the warrior spirit since WotLK.

I'm in agreement. This is an issue with Garrosh's character as an char. He's said to be an incredible warrior, but in the books like the shattering , the sole argument is that his father was aswell. However, it's never shown. He would have lost to Cairne, if not for the cheating. But let's be honest Thrall might have been able to take on Cairne in the past. Garrosh is a great warrior. However, given your arguments how much better could his performance be? Not as great as Jesus the green

The Thrall's training and upbringing. In the years leading up to this point, Thrall hasn't seen actual fighting in a real way for many years probably a decade or more. Following his leadership of the rebellion against prison camps, he founded the modern Horde and later was able to slip into a leadership position before moving into a mostly religious role. He has muscle memory and regularly fought, even going out on adventures with the PC. But if you don't take a long time off from something or activity, you'll end up being enthralled by it. I'm sure he's competent, but perhaps not enough to fight an equally skilled or superior warrior.

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