In my opinion, Thrall was holding back throughout
In my opinion, Thrall was holding back throughout Nov 20

In my opinion, Thrall was holding back throughout

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Garrosh, on the other hand is a novice with no experience and no knowledge to draw from. He was raised as an isolated child without any major enemy or conflict to help him. Since the tribe of ogres had moved to Nagrand in the last few years, the Bladespire were able to take over their territory in the north. While he received training to fight, it's part of an orc culture to fight and hunt. It's just an implication. He spends all of TBC doing nothing to help combat Illidan or the Legion or Illidan. Wrath is the only place that you can claim he got proper training and exposure to the war against Scourge. This is due to the fact he wasn't a part of the expansion. Saurfang is considered to be a legend, but Garrosh's training for two years isn't enough to make up for the experience of a lifetime of fighting. He did not participate in any major Cataclysm conflict. Like the majority of MoP his time, the only major battle in which he had been involved was that of the siege of Ogrimmar.

It was too much text to translate it into words. Betwen the two Thralls, Thrall been an authentic warrior who used to spend the majority of his time as a leader on the battle lines alongside his troops , while Garrosh is nothing but a talker and has his soldiers fulfill his demands while he sat in Orgrimmar.

I'm sure the cutscene was planned in this manner by the writers because it's a way of ensuring. Thrall was defeated before he could pull off his one-two punch. This was done so that the audience, too could be able to feel the joy.

But I was always struck in the wrong direction when it played out as it did. I'm hoping this didn't appear as a ranting rant of a maniacal fanboy. I'm unable to help but think this way.

In my opinion, Thrall was holding back throughout the fight. He wanted to teach Garrosh an important lesson, and determined to defeat him, but it didn't matter. Then Garrosh was caught doing the "this was your fault" mistake and Thrall hit him with elements and killed him.

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