RuneScape - Talk to Commander Veldaban at Keldagrim
RuneScape - Talk to Commander Veldaban at Keldagrim Nov 17

RuneScape - Talk to Commander Veldaban at Keldagrim

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Opening briefing: Lucien has not only gained the Staff of Armadyl but also the Stone of Jas. War is certainly coming soon. After Lucien was given the Stone of Jas The only one who may know about it escaped Lumbridge's caves.

Meanwhile, the Red Axe Corporation has returned to Keldagrim and has refused to speak of their sanity, while King Narnode grows ever more worried about the threat of Arposandra. There are many questionsto be answered: What exactly is Lucien doing What is he doing? Where is Movario? Why did Glouphrie the Untrusted murder Argento some time ago? And what does the Drunken dwarf's claim of Dragons have to do with the Red Axe. The King Black Dragon will answer your question.

Talk to Commander Veldaban at Keldagrim and you'll be informed that the Red Axe is now available. You'll need to get in touch with the Consortium once more in order to get more information. Talk to the company executive you helped in Giant Dwarf, and do an interview to help him.

After you have returned to the Red Axe will inform you that they've purchased your contract. They are now your boss. As horrible as this may seem, you must speak to your boss, Hreidmar. You must do a job for him, and you'll be dismissed in the near future.

Use your thieving skills to find them. Follow them, but do not get too close, or Colonel Grimmson will catch you. Be sure to stay at least 5 squares away from them. Be on the lookout for them when they enter Hreidmar’s house. They will be instructed to meet at "the spot" by a figure. The Boatman will take them to the location. You will need food and combat gear before you stow away on the vessel. This could become ugly, I promise.

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