It was too much information to put the story
It was too much information to put the story Nov 09

It was too much information to put the story

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It was something I considered, and I still don't know what to do. I'm missing Classic. I am a huge fan of Classic. But , in the chaos that's transpired in Blizz, it feels like I'm having fun playing the game however my 15 points go to those who do not care about causing harassment to women or employees.

The reason I say this is not in order to be a part of the long-running argument of "did Thrall cheat by using magic?" Instead, I'm taking the belief that the entire battle shouldn't have been fought as it did. In the end, Thrall could never have had the need to use his elemental powers.

Garrosh is depicted as all strength, while Thrall is half strength and half magic. As they continue to fight, the physically stronger player would eventually win and Thrall would switch to his shaman's magic to prevail.

Herein lies my thesis. Thrall is a superior warrior than Garrosh. It's so funny it's almost absurd.

The reason lies in their own childhoods and experiences. Thrall spent his entire growing up and teens being trained to be a Gladiator for Blackmoore. The fight was his passion. When he was freed, from the prison, he waged a war against Durnholde that was comprised of numerous fights and raids against the troops of Lordaeron. For a quick aside, the "Lords of the Clans" who were very open about Thrall's size in comparison to normal orcs, kept talking. Soon after his victory came the third war. It was a conflict of which the very fate of the entire world depended. In the end, he helped his people win as did the night elves as well as humans. Then, even more quickly was the time when the Daelin invading Durotar which prompted Thrall and his people to enter the war once more. My point is that Thrall trained and fought throughout his whole life. While there were instances where He wasn't a fan of basic WoW, or even Durotar's beginning but there were also mistakes in his career. However, his life was filled by battles more than it was.

Contrarily, Garrosh has almost no background or education to draw upon. He was born on his own, without any major conflict or foe to help him. The Bladespire had taken over the northern regions of the Bladespire's tribe of ogres and they retreated to Nagrand. It is evident that he was given some sort of training since it's orc culture to fight and hunt at all times, but this is just implication and not something to note. The guy doesn't have any time in TBC fighting against the Legion or Illidan. Wrath is the only instance in which you can prove that he was properly trained and exposed to war against The Scourge. However, even this is largely by implication, since he hardly was involved in anything throughout the expansion. Saurfang is considered to be a legend, but Garrosh's experience of two years is not enough to make up for an entire lifetime of war. Saurfang was not involved in any major conflict in Cataclysm as well. Much like the majority of MoP and the only major battle he took part in was his demise at Ogrimmar's siege. Ogrimmar.

It was too much information to put the story into words. Betwen both Thralls have lived the life of an authentic warrior who spent the majority of his time as an officer in the front lines with his troops while Garrosh has no bluster and only sent his soldiers to serve his will while sitting in Orgrimmar.

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