Madden NFL 21 launched last October to mixed reactions
Madden NFL 21 launched last October to mixed reactions Nov 03

Madden NFL 21 launched last October to mixed reactions

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It should be coupled with the updates to the Franchise mode which are currently being developed in order to provide players with more variety. As you can see, Madden NFL 21 had 80 percent of its matches playing offline. The AI has been overhauled to make it more enjoyable and realistic. While we're thankful for all the improvements and updates made to Madden NFL 21, we cannot help but observe the familiar animations in the footage.

Madden NFL 22 delves into the new game's franchise mode improvements

Madden NFL 21 launched last October to mixed reactions. Long-time Madden fans had a negative opinion of its lackluster innovation and features. It's basically the identical Madden experience that players enjoyed every year, but without the additions that it's planned to launch every year. EA appears to be committing to making some changes to Madden NFL 22 this year and at a minimum, with regard to the controversy-ridden Franchise Mode.

A new deep dive was posted on YouTube the company revealed numerous features that will turn up in the team-management portion of the upcoming game. The early look clocks in at five minutes with a focus on Madden NFL 22's brand new talent trees, a revamped scouting system, franchise staff feature, and more.

The clip begins by noting the changes that its franchise staff system will bring to the mode and claims that it'll provide players the ability to control "everything from the front office to the field." They'll be able to educate and recruit new staffmembers, and their employees will be able to access the talents tree, which will help them to improve their team's abilities and optimize the players they have for a specific game style. There will be three types of staff players can hire including coordinators, head coaches and players. Managers will be able to improve the quality of staff in these roles by accumulating "staff points" which are earned by setting and meeting weekly goals. This can be accessed through a new franchise hub that comes with a lot of updates to improve the quality of life and add-ons.
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