Clan Citadels aren't very useful for a year.
Clan Citadels aren't very useful for a year. Nov 02

Clan Citadels aren't very useful for a year.

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Jagex seems to be slowly working on eliminating the competition. It's an intriguing suggestion. You could now get your own hunting area by invoking the DnD moths for hunters. Runespan demands that players work together to find the runesphere. This might be required with the recent update.

If I was in charge of the overall strategy for skills I would work to implement a policy that would increase the frequency of skill-based updates. This is skills that are more dependent on ability than time. For instance, the ability to be agile would be overhauled to ensure that the majority of courses provide more than the standard option, and the possibility to accelerate your performance when you're proficient at the skill to qualify for much faster exp.

This would include paying attention to the most boring skills: While I'd be content with bonfires and runningespan (even though they're not skill-based, they make things go a lot faster), I'd also be considering other aspects of craft skills, like exploring the idea of being an artist: creating a few really good things and being rewarded for it instead of producing massive quantities of imitation jewels that diminish its value and appeal.

Please remove this message if it is against the rules. It doesn't harm anyone, and I'm not aware of any rules against "fun" bug abuse. It won’t be around for long, and it's not in the nature of the rules to impose sanctions on players who use bugs that do not cause harm or effect to you or the game.

Tutorial Island is somewhat shaky, but is great for nostalgia reasons. Because so many people have fond memories of this location, I thought it might be something people could appreciate. Have you ever wanted to return to Tutorial Island? It's now possible to do so.

A small glitch in the combat beta makes this accessible to members. This is how You can use your normal character to place the logo of the hunter near the portals. Log out and log into the beta version. Log into the beta by clicking 'import saved' Explore the walls that are invisible towards the northwest of the tutorial island. There is no wall at the northwest building so go in and climb down the ladder. Neo, you are in.

Clan Citadels aren't very useful for a year. Essentially, you can grind to create a attractive building. But the actual building doesn't really perform much, and isn't particularly useful. It's worth xp when you do the work. This is fine, but not the main point. As far as I can tell, the following features are fairly pointless:

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