I think RS is a totally different mobile game
I think RS is a totally different mobile game Oct 30

I think RS is a totally different mobile game

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Materials collected through the skill of gathering be extremely useful. There are specific materials for each artefact, and there is real enjoyment to be had trading and trading with other players to get the materials you need. The most important task in XP is to fix an artifact. You'll receive a huge amount when you're completed. What do you do with these artefacts once you have them?

We are pleased to welcome you to the recently renovated Dig Site located in Varrock in the Varrock area, where you'll have to make that choice regularly. This is an important aspect of the job, which we think you'll enjoy. You will go through the things you have at the end of each dig, and decide whether you want to keep them or throw them away.

Do you give it to a collector, including some of the most famous characters in the game - including Wise Old Man, Bentnoze and Wartfaceto receive some of the most rewarding rewards in the skill? Do you want to put it in an art gallery and they'll give you chronotes - a new currency that can be exchanged for kick-ass rewards? Or do you keep the item to yourself in the event that you need it in the future that you aren't aware about?

I think RS is a totally different mobile game than the majority of games, in terms of gameplay and also because it was created online. Although I would assume that players playing online would have better functionality, my thinking might be too narrow. I don't see me risking my items to be bossy or playing PVP.

There's also the "wait 10 seconds after you log out" feature that feels odd on mobile. The majority of mobile games allow you to just exit out of and return later if you have to do something quick. You must wait for the monster to die before you exit. While it's an inconvenience this could make sense that PVM/PVP gameplay on mobile would be very different from other mobile games. It's not clear how new players will react.

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