RuneScape - The more time you've put into something
RuneScape - The more time you've put into something Oct 13

RuneScape - The more time you've put into something

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How long will Runescape require to reach the max combat stats? We'll discount Prayer and Summoning, since they require huge amounts of money from other sources However, keep magic as maxing the other skills should be enough to cover the cost. Also, let's not forget about Constitution as it is a skill that can be learned automatically.

As a rough estimate, we can give 150k xp/hr for all skill levels. Each skill is 13500k xp. That's 13,500,000. This is 90 hours of improvement in one combat skill up to 99. You now have 450 hours to "max" your character without requiring non-combat skills.

That is an absurdly long amount of time, and is a factor in the low number of players over 50: they simply don't have enough time to play and are busy as well, whereas players of more mainstream MMOs do. Runescape is so hard to master for many reasons.

The more time you've put into something, the more you are likely to keep playing. You've already spent too much time playing this game to start another. It's a well-known fact that the highest quality content is the most effective. The content that is of higher quality is popularly praised by the public.

The top players are often able to gain access to content not intended for them. This forces lower level players to improve or cease to play the game. A good example is God Wars Dungeon: the four bosses from the beginning are clearly not made for 138s who are able to slug through hundreds of kills, but if you're not a 38, you won't stand a chance: therefore the content is artificially locked to an upper standard.

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