RuneScape - Jagex has to restore the trust of its players
RuneScape - Jagex has to restore the trust of its players Sep 22

RuneScape - Jagex has to restore the trust of its players

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Bots that are less active would ruin the actual game. Although there will likely be some (it will probably never get to the levels it was prior to the introduction of the free trade), it would make the game playable again. It is possible to consider it to be traditional, but it would be much easier to fall prey to scammers, and it will be easier to fool newer players.

Free trade being a member's benefit would give an incentive to players to upgrade to members, as well as the greater enjoyment of playing would encourage them to stick around longer. At the same time however it would be unpopular for freeplayers, especially since it could mean that the wilderness would have to be removed again. For free play, the PvP realm could be restored in their place. This would allow players who prefer them over Wildy to have a place where they could PK.

The most significant harm, however, I think could be caused to the integrity of Jagex. It's a positive step towards making Jagex more enjoyable. However, players could view it as being indecisive or even lying about the purpose of restoring the wilderness. The business perspective would show that those who get angry and quit are almost always free players, who don't produce as much revenue long-term.

It's not enough to solve all freeplayer's botting issues (as well doing nothing for players), but I believe it has reached the stage where a major action like this is needed to stop RWTers and make freeplay the same game I knew. Jagex must keep up their efforts to stop bot-makers and bot-makers and show tangible progress through public updates.

Jagex has to restore the trust of its players. They must demonstrate that they can managing the game. It appears as if it is out of their reach. This is the game that I'm most likely to quit even though it's my favorite. Thanks for reading my teenage ramblings late at night.

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