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So what then? If it continues as the past, then why not continue to keep the people as they were prior to. Do you wish to make it more severe and severe? or reduce the punishment? I'm not sure, but I have a view that the muting feature will not work for two reasons that they cause more anger than good and the fact that quickchat has destroyed the purpose of muting.

Quickchat could be shut down. It might, but it will not suffice to stop people from being angry. What do you think of the players? Perhaps, but it's also eliminating people who make up the community, people who contribute to the growth of the game. It's the mentality behind the offence which must be dealt with.

However, that's not a real person. This is an online world, so is it possible to alter the character of the character of the individual? I hope this has provided you with some ideas to consider, and I'll leave you with the same question that I started with, are mutes effective? Thank you for reading.

Do not talk about botting programs in this forum! I will swiftly report your post to a !...moderator. Since I am an unpaid player, I was aware of how many botters that the game was able to attract. With trade restrictions now in place, logic would suggest that macroing has moved being transferred from the private Gold Farmers' to the public "Players" sector. The Gold Farmers would have moved to the public sector.

After seeing a macroing tool at a friend, and seeing them woodcutting during the escalating rate of 99 woodcutting, I am able to quickly tell if someone using the tool. JaGeX has released trade restrictions to stop botters. The restrictions didn't perform. The only thing it did was cause the private 'Gold Farmers' to change their way of earning money. They're currently trying to sell botting software on the internet to the Players. They do offer some for free, however.

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