Madden 22 provides Titans home-field advantage
Madden 22 provides Titans home-field advantage Aug 27

Madden 22 provides Titans home-field advantage

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We hope all of our readers have a fantastic and safe Fourth of July holiday! Every year, it's a great day to release the Madden game. This year however, there's numerous improvements and modifications. The game will launch on the 20th of August.

One of the major changes made to the game this year will surely cause division among the sport's elite gamers and fans. EA Sports announced that each team will be given an exclusive "home field advantage" during the game.

Your Tennessee Titans have a home field advantage that's quite interesting. EA has made it possible for the Titans and their offensive line to avoid taking penalties in games played at home. Find out more about the Titans advantage, as well as the entirety of AFC South (and AFC East), here.

This one, and I'm not going lie to you, feels like a random. The Titans, despite being among of the most thrilling offenses of the NFL are an afterthought to most people outside Tennessee. I'm not sure where the "holding advantage" idea came from. In a while, I haven't played any new Madden. It's tempting to test the game's performance on this new generation console. It is possible to pre-order the game here.

Why is Justin Jefferson not a top-10 receiver in Madden 22? Justin Jefferson took the NFL with a vengeance during his rookie season. The Minnesota Vikings' star set record-breaking franchise records, introduced the world to "The Griddy" and set an Super Bowl rookie record for the most receiving yards. He hasn't received the national spotlight which he merits, despite the success he has had.

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