The result for all of NBA 2K22 MT
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The result for all of NBA 2K22 MT

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Happily, getting a triple-double is easier to perform in NBA 2K22 than in real life. The first double-double is simple, usually obtained by scoring at least 10 points and obtaining 10 assists. To make it a triple-double, you want to also earn a minimum of either 10 rebounds, 10 steals, or 10 blocked shots.

Regrettably, there is no cut-and-dry approach to make this. How easy or difficult the process will be depends entirely on how you perform, your available badges, and athletes you would like. Look inward: If you're a defensive player, attempt to earn at least 10 blocked shots with a badge such as Rim Protector. Or, if you prefer a more aggressive fashion, go for 10 steals with a badge such as Pick Pocket.

You're going to need to bring a game to get a triple-double at NBA 2K22. Getting a double-double is easy: Simply earn at least 10 points and 10 assists. After that, you will want to receive 10 more rebounds, blocked shots, or steals to earn a triple-double. We've also got an comprehensive look at a few of the greatest Resident Evil Village mods released so far.

More NBA 2K22 Floor General Rewind Packs for MyTeam Season 7 have arrived, with many great cards randomly accessible in them. These packs may hold a number of this game's greats such as the overdue Kobe Bryant, former Lakers champion Magic Johnson, and former NBA MVP Derrick Rose. Based on details published with all the packs, these can be the last installment in the show to get MyTeam Season 7. Here are a few of the facts about the very best cards in the packs, price, and availability.

The NBA 2K22 Floor General Rewind Packs were announced as a launch in MyTeam mode on Wednesday, May 26, via 2K's social websites. In a Twitter post they shared (below), they mentioned Dark Matter cards such as Jason Williams, Grant Hill, D-Rose, Magic, and Kobe. These cards are all making their yields to packs after being previously featured in other series.

The Kobe Bryant Dark Issue Invincible is one of the highest prizes offered from the release. It goes for more than one million MT in auction listings and features some impressive attributes. There is also 60 Hall of Fame Badges to give help like Tireless Shooter, Relentless Finisher, Ankle Breaker, and Clamps. There's a Kobe Bryant 99 OVR Out of Position card also available in those packs, so keep an eye out for this one.

These packs include the chance of a few of the additional 20 Rewind player cards inside. Other choices include Galaxy Opal Sarunas Marciulionis, GO Luka Doncic, Pink Diamond Alvan Adams, and Diamond Andre Iguodala. The new NBA 2K22 Floor General Rewind Packs cost 11,250 Virtual Currency or 15,750 MT for one five-card package. A 10-pack box goes for 101,250 VC, while a 20-pack box extends for 202,500 VC. Remember, packs do not contain a guarantee of a Rewind participant, but there's a player card in each pack.
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