Rsgoldfast - Bring a powerful melee weapon
Rsgoldfast - Bring a powerful melee weapon Jul 10

Rsgoldfast - Bring a powerful melee weapon

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Lucien is mocked by the Mahjarrat group for being held back by the ghost of an eight year old girl. Lucien will attack Summer and then send her running. The White Knights will teleport you into the area and then pull you out and take heavy losses. Your character will remark that Lucien wasn't like the sick man Salarin claimed that he did earlier. Sir Amik Varze, the gnome ambassador, will come up to him and ask for an appointment with Temple Knights. He will then direct Tiffy Cashien to talk to him.

Visit the Gnome Stronghold and talk to King Narnode. It seems that Brimstail managed to scry into Arposandra and witnessed an incredible being. King Narnode is asking to send a small number of soldiers into Arposandra to discover the truth, and to protect the gnomes from Glouphrie. As a side note the king also wants to learn why Glouphrie had killed Argento and the Silver Spirit Tree, before being discovered by Oaknock.

In this section, it is the most exciting part. Bring a powerful melee weapon because you'll be fighting Wyvoch again, with prayer only being partially effective. Go through the Sewer Dungeon with the creatures that have been warped from Path of Glouphrie and then speak to the gnome soldiers who are waiting for you.

They will knock at the door. You can enter Arposandra and RUN through the Glouphrie Magi, then take a walk towards the Temple in the center of Arposandra. You will be able to see through a window a terrifying cutscene featuring Glouphrie and Lucien. Red Axe Co. and Lucien.

That's it, Glouphrie, you are certain that at the top of the mountain when I channel properly, I will be in a position to take on Seren's power? Yes. Your destiny will soon be fulfilled, Lucien. Make sure you kill Priffdinas with the magic spell. Don't rush, intruders may be spotted. I would not refuse my troops the pleasure of killing them. (Lucien goes away the scene, and the vase in front of Glouphrie disappears, it's an illusion.) Then there is a person who emerges.

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