Rsgoldfast - Hearts Of War Minigame
Rsgoldfast - Hearts Of War Minigame Jul 05

Rsgoldfast - Hearts Of War Minigame

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Please read the entire item, this took some time to make and that I need people to take the effort to just browse a page of text in order that they completely understand the minigame before they denounce it. Aim of the game: To kill the opponent's heart stone when maintaining your gems alive. If no one kills the heart rock from either team following 15 minute then the game ends and the team with the most health left inside their stone wins.

Picking Teams: This game requires two groups. Each one is composed of 5 people: 2 attackers, two defenders, and one healer. Instead of individuals choosing teams like castle wars, teams are made just like they're in pickup sports games: captains select the groups. After 10 people have come into the waiting area the two players with the highest combat levels will probably be selected as captains.

The lower level of the 2 players gets to select is participant . He will face a display with 8 individuals, each one will have his stats that are important to this match exhibited over him, (assault, power, defense, hitpoints, array, magic, hunter, agility, thieving, construction). Each captain has 30 seconds to select. In case he fails to select a person the maximum level person will be automatically chosen. Choice goes like this until groups are complete. Now the captains have two minutes to select roles for all of the players.

They are forced to create two two defenders, and one healer. If they fail to select the whole team, roles will be chosen by the game. Same bases as castle wars, instead of a flag you have the center rock. No more secure zone, no health packs. You respawn in the center stone. Tunnels would remain in, but would be more complex and would have places where agility would need to be utilized. Traps can be placed in tunnels and castles.

You would see building places like in building. I visit the tunnels becoming much more complicated the castle wars though, and without a rockslides, (I hate those noobs). The heart stone is located in the middle of the base and has 250 hitpoints. It is suggested that they deliver both range and melee weapons as the center stone has the ability to utilize protection prayers.

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